Download Diablo 3

If you actually came here to download diablo 3, You can do do here as soon as the actual download for Diablo 3 is released. We don't intend to try to make you download something you don't really want. There is currently no set release date for Diablo 3 so you have to be patient.

Download Diablo 3 Killers

1 Path of Exile Path of Exile It's the ultimate D2 clone. In case you played Diablo II, you gotta try this. At the time of writing, it's still in beta, but will go open beta soon. Sign up for an account now and join the fun directly from the very start!
Path of Exile
Gameplay Characteristics

  • Huge number of skills and intuitive combat system
  • Compete in the ladder and with your rankings
  • Levels randomly generated
  • Unique game areas and monsters
  • 3D world seen from fixed angle view
  • Supporting large numbers of players

Grim Dawn

2This is a long awaited Diablo 3 Killer. No download available. The game is an MMORPG that is downloadable for PC. It utilizes similar graphics technology as the Titan Quest game.

Grim Dawn has been attempting to perfect the character advancement, loot collection and exploration that was already well made by the different Diablo games by Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. Once released, Grim Dawn will definitely be a good challenger for people wanting to download Diablo 3-ish games.

You will be thrown into the dark and violent Universe of Cairn where the empire has been ruined and the humans race are at getting extinct. Cairn is now the center of a war between two unholy powers, one trying to use humans as a resource and the other trying to destroy the humans before that happens. This war has decimated the human civilization, is distorting the reality and is giving life to even more horrors.

Torchlight 2 Download

3Torchlight 2 is only a little time away and it is a true Diablo 3 Killer. We are going to post the Torchlight 2 download here when it is released.

Torchlight 2 Features
  • Customizable Characters – Choose one of four classes and customize your character.
  • Multiplayer – Obviously this is a MMORPG that gives you the possibility to play with your friends or thousands of other players.
  • Highly Randomized Dungeons – Torchlight II's dungeons also have lots of branching paths.
  • Outdoor levels that are, like the dungeons, randomized.
  • When characters are leveled up to high levels, they can retire and by doing so, they bestow benefits and perks onto your new characters.
If you are hesitant to pay for the Diablo 3 download, you can alsways try to download Torchlight 2 first.